+ Innovation

Isap’s research and development department has created a revolutionary product. High performing, more flexible, in one word: smarter.

A market revolution

ISAP PACKAGING’s innovation process

The true hidden revolution in Satispack comes from the original patented thermoforming and coupling technologies. Top and bottom are produced separately (with sheets having different thicknesses/colors) and are only put together subsequently, using an innovative assembly machine that bonds top and bottom together using ultrasound welding or mechanical riveting.

This original system offers hereby unthinkable advantages:

  • Up to 25% less raw materials.
  • Total re-use of production scrap.
  • The possibility of combining different shapes, colors and even materials.
  • "Just in time" management of raw materials supplies.


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New patented technology


The new Satispack has been designed for optimizing use of raw materials and reducing environmental impact to a minimum.

Modern and sustainable management of raw materials

Less waste, less environmental impact, higher performance.

Satispack is the lightest and most environmentally-friendly packaging, using up to 25% less raw materials when compared with traditional containers.
This new production system, in fact, achieves flexible management of both the quantities and the types of production materials to be used, safeguarding the environment.
Isap Packing, in addition, has decided to produce its first Satispack models in recyclable/recycled PET to carry out an efficacious resource re-use cycle already in the first production phase.

Exceptional ecological advantages are the result:

  • 100% re-use of production scrap and recovery of excess material.
  • Reduced emission of pollutants when transporting pallets of the raw materials required for production.
  • Reduced consumption of energy by production plants.
  • Reduced consumption of plastic resources and, in general, of all the materials required for production.

Up to 1/4th reduction of CO2 emissions generated when transporting raw materials.



Isap Packaging’s wide range becomes even more flexible: you choose the color and the material for making your container.

A modular pack that adapts to your style

Added value to the container to enhance its contents.

Satispack s the first packaging offering the unique possibility of separately customizing the container’s top and body.
This is how Isap Packaging meets modern trends in a market that demands increasing flexibility from its products.

Market applications are infinite: this new system can enhance packaging dedicated to fruit and vegetables and also to a wide range of product categories at the point of sale. Creativity is unlimited.


  • Combining different materials for top and body while still retaining the typical Clamshell form.
  • Unlimited color combinations for Isap Packaging’s entire range.
  • Added value and great diversification of containers depending on each customer’s style and demands.